Kindness, Giving, and Caring~~June 7th~~


“The way you get meaning into your life


is to devote yourself to loving others,



devote yourself to your community around you,



and devote yourself to creating something



 that gives you purpose and meaning.”



Mitch Albom



I had a great lesson today and a number of teachable lessons as well. The area in which we live had a neighborhood yard sale. We decided to have one as well only not pricing anything and having all the money donated to the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life.


The day tuned out to be incredibly hot and humid, so the children decided to have a lemonade stand as well.


I am humbled at the people we met, almost everyone has someone close to them who have passed from or who has someone suffering from cancer. We met fantastic and kind people and the sale was a great success. It was wonderful watching my children ages 9-20 explain what the fundraiser was all about and donating many hours of their own time, more importantly they genuinely care.  


What is it that you care about? What are the things in your life that you are proud of and why? Do you have real meaning in your life? If not I highly suggest taking some time today and thinking about these things and quite possibly decide to expand your horizons to include community service and helping others.


Susie Austin






















~ by coachsusie on June 8, 2008.

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