What LIves Within Us~~June 12~~Susie Austin

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us


are tiny matters compared


to what lives within us.”


Ralph Waldo Emerson:



I think this is a beautiful quote and goes well with the discussion I was having with a group of people on the subject of self esteem. It seems many of us have a tendency to think more negatively about ourselves than others, and the question was why?


There are many answers to this question however I would like to address one in particular. This addresses when were children, how did you feel as a child? How did your parents treat you? The subject of guilt and shame was brought up and I asked if anyone knew the difference? Guilt is, I did not do enough and shame is, I am not enough. When children are shamed they develop self esteem issues that can turn to addictions, depression and many other things, however when you become aware of this it should be like a weight lifted off your shoulder. Never tell anyone especially “shame on you” as this can cause much pain and hurt. Use kind words and be a kind person.


Start to recognize the wonderful and unique person you are. God created you to enjoy life on this beautiful earth. There are going to be difficult days, this is where we gain strength. This is where we find the beauty that lives within us and we all have it.


Smile today, look into the mirror and know how special you are. Be that positive influence on someone else’s life and rejoice you are who you are in this exact moment in time.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on June 13, 2008.

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