Graduation Day~~June 14~~Susie Austin


  “There is a good reason they call these

ceremonies ‘commencement exercises’.

Graduation is not the end, it’s the beginning.”

 Orrin Hatch






There are many endings and new beginnings this time of year. The last day of school, first day of summer vacation, leave old friends behind, start new jobs for students and many parents see our children leaving home for the first time. June is the marks the beginning of Wedding season and again parents watch their children go in to a new life.




I sometime think it is harder for the parents as we know they are moving forward with their lives and will make mistakes and have wonderful adventures ahead of them. As I sat in the stands watching my daughter Brittany graduate high school all the emotion I was feeling was most likely shared by the thousands of people sitting with me. The flashbacks from birth to this momentous occasion, we dealt with the drama, tears, lessons learned at home and at school now here we are on the threshold of adulthood. We all shake our heads and wonder where the years went.


This is a time of dreaming, ideas and planning for new life and goals. I love to listen to the new adults discussing their dreams and plans for the future. Take this perfect day to think of when you graduated from high school. What were your hopes and dreams? What did you want to accomplish during your lifetime? How close are you to living the live you envisioned for yourself? If you are not quite there I suggest today you graduate to your own future and step into a new life with positive and achievable dreams. Just like the students graduating from high school and college you graduate into your life what ever is you want to accomplish and move forward to achievement.


Congratulations Brittany


Susie Austin






~ by coachsusie on June 16, 2008.

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