Reality Check~~~Susie Austin



Okay, who put a “stop payment”



on my reality check? 



~Author Unknown



How about a reality check today; you must know where you are to formulate a plan to move forward. Are you possibly stuck in a rut? Are you content where you are, or has being realistic cost you? Being overly realistic can kill your passion and dreams, however used properly can help you clarify your dreams and help you move from vision into reality.


The wonderful thing about your reality today, it is an outcome of your past life lessons and experiences good and bad. Your current reality is just that, current. This means you have the power to change this current reality to what you want or would like it to be. Will this take a little effort on your part? Of course it will and the beauty of this is we have this power; however we need to take action in order to make this happen.


Here are a few suggestions for you to begin this process of changing your reality to what you want it to be.


Allow yourself to dream and picture yourself in this dream.

Create a plan for where you would like to go.

Write down goals and tell someone about them.

Find positive and successful people to be around.


Believe in yourself, remember reality is your current state in which you can change as soon as tomorrow. Think of something you can do today or within the next week to change your reality to move closer to your dreams. Which would you choose? Where you are or where you would like to be.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on July 3, 2008.

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