Identify and Eliminate Your Energy Drains~~~ Susie Austin

“Lost, yesterday,


somewhere between sunrise and sunset,


two golden hours,


 each set with sixty diamond minutes.


 No reward is offered,


for they are gone forever.”


Horace Mann




Today I encourage you to begin to identify and eliminate activities in your day that either waste time or drain energy. The difficulty with this is many times not aware of them, however we put up with them every day and wonder why we are not making faster progress toward our goals.


If you feel this may be an issue for you and you might have added stress because you may fit into this category let take a look at a possible solution. Start to keep a log of all your activities for one week. To begin list the time of day of all the activities you are doing. Begin from waking up in the morning and ending when going to bed at night. At the end of the week evaluate your activities and determine what was time and energy well spent and what was not. If you spend hours on facebook, myspace or watching TV, this may be an area you can improve on. Sometimes it may be people whom we spend time with that is what wastes time and drains our energy. This exercise can be quite helpful in identifying our self-defeating behaviors and activities.


Getting rid of behaviors or activities by itself is not enough because it leaves a void, it should be replaced by something positive. Next try to identify the actions you do now or could possibly do in the future to move toward your goals and dreams. Do you volunteer for any activities, do you walk, ride a bike? Maybe listen to books on tape while you walk. Identify activities that could contribute to your having more energy and will keep you focused on what you want to get out of life. This will also give you the motivation you need to spring board you forward, realizing you can achieve the things you want to accomplish.

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on July 17, 2008.

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