Do Your thoughts Match Your Actions?~~~Susie Austin

July 21


If Hero means sincere man,


why may not every one of us



be a Hero?


Author: Thomas Carlyle


Do your thoughts match your actions? Your values are shaped by your actions either good or bad. Actions that are true to your values will build a stronger foundation for you to reflect on and others can see. Who are your heroes in life and what did they do to become your heroes? What memories to you have of them and what makes you remember them long after they have left us?


I had a Great Aunt who was one of the most kind and loving people I ever met, she was generous and contributed to saving my life with prayer and resources while I needed saving from a very dark period in my life. My dear brother in law, who fought a gallant battle with cancer and lost however he never complained, never gave up, and was one of the gentlest men I have known. My parents who are and will always be heroes to me, they live by their values, they are kind, loving, have been married for sixty one years and counting, have raised eight children and have taught us kindness, compassion and how to live by example. They stand for something; they are living breathing examples of the values they cherish.


Love God, love yourself, love life, isn’t that what this is about?


Set good examples for those around you. Have courage, belief and determination, and do one thing today that you know is the right thing.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on July 22, 2008.

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