Happiness Is A Decision~~~Susie Austin


“The purpose of our lives


is to be happy.”



The 14th. Dalai Lama




Happiness a decision we make every day. How wonderful to know it is within our power to be happy. Do you take steps every day to assure your happiness?


If you are not, today is the perfect time to start.

Let’s begin when you get up in the morning, do you listen to the news? The news can be quite negative and depressing, try listening to your favorite radio station or music for a change. Do hug your family and tell them you love them this before you leave for the day? Make an effort to avoid getting upset with traffic if you drive to work. Say hello and compliment co-workers when you see them, greet strangers and smile at everyone. This can all be done before 9 am! After the shock wears off you might find yourself feeling quite happy! Evaluate the rest of your day and make necessary changes to remove the negative things by replacing them with positive thoughts, words and actions.


To live a balanced life it is necessary to evaluate your day. How much time do you worry, how much strain is in your day and if it is a problem what steps can you take to reduce stress.  Do you plan fun events, leave work at the office, play, laugh and enjoy your friends and family?


Happiness is indeed a decision, one that we can make every day!

Today make the decision to be happy and begin to live the life you want with happiness in your daily living.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on July 23, 2008.

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