Aug 2~~Relay For Life~~Susie Austin


August 2

If children have the ability to ignore

all odds and percentages, then

maybe we can all learn from them. 


When you think about it, what

other choice is there but to hope?

We have two options,

medically and emotionally: 


 give up, or fight like hell. 



 ~Lance Armstrong





Lance Armstrong a man of courage, bravery, a person who gave my brother in law Charlie courage as he was  a life long fan of Lance. Charlie lost his battle with cancer, Fred lost his battle with cancer, Susan is in remission, Ashley is considered cancer free, she had childhood cancer and we almost lost her as well. I am truly humbled today.


I spent last night involved with people who have a passion to fight and find a cure for cancer. It was an amazing experience; I met many people all who had a story. I had the privileged to greet and meet survivors who ranged from 3 to 83. As they walked the first lap of the Relay For Life we all were humbled, the emotion was intense, the courage and strength that was present was overwhelming as they walked with pride.  

This is why we relay.


 My children are amazing we all stay up all night and they are have the enthusiasm to keep people motivated.  I can’t tell you how proud I am them. Nicole and I sang You’ll Never Walk Alone at the beginning of a luminaries ceremony where survivors are honored and we remember those who have lost their battle. It was a very emotional time for us. They help with all the fundraising, they plan their schedule to be there, they help with set up and clean up, they are up all night helping  where needed, they motivate everyone there and most off all they have the passion to help others. Nicole, Brittany, Dustin,

and Sarah I am proud of you. You are all amazing, I could not ask for better children. The best compliment a parent can have is when others tell you what great kids you have and I hear that often. Life Is good!


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on August 3, 2008.

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