The Sun Rises For Everyone~~~Susie Austin

“When the sun rises,


 it rises for everyone.”


When was the last time you noticed the beauty of a sunrise, when was the last time you smelled the freshness of rain, when was the last time you looked into a child’s eyes and saw the excitement over something simple and plain?


The sun rises every day, the sun sets every day, however do you see it? I have a challenge for you today. For the next week make a conscious decision to notice the sunrise and sunset everyday. Notice something different every day. Look at the clouds, can you see shapes, can you see rays shining through?

If it rains can you enjoy the sounds and the smells?


We all have the opportunity to experience these things everyday and how many of us actually do? Stop and smell the flowers along the way, find something new and exciting to experience and most of all enjoy the gifts we all have been given.


Susie Austin






~ by coachsusie on August 8, 2008.

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