Optimist’s See Opportunity~~~Susie Austin


The pessimist sees difficulty

 in every opportunity.

The optimist sees the opportunity

in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill







How many people do you know who are pessimistic and how many do you know who are eternal optimists?


How do you view your life? Do you see the difficult paths ahead or do you look for the opportunities along the way? How do you see your friends and families? Do you appreciate them or tolerate them?


I was having a conversation today with someone and she said she strongly disliked living in WI and would like to live in Texas, I responded by telling her maybe she should give Texas a try. She told me she hated the grey dark days. I told her the story if my little girl and I driving the road to school every day. In the summer the trees are lush green and very beautiful, the fall comes and we notice the changes daily in the trees and leaves. Soon all the leaves are gone and we look at all the nests that are in the trees which were hidden by the leaves. We notice the beauty of the new fallen snow glistening on the branches and the bright Christmas lights during the holidays. Spring arrives and new life along with it, seasons come faster it seems however how many of us never slow down enough to enjoy them.


I moved back to WI after many years in AZ and probably will eventually retire there because I am not much of a cold weather person however my theory is this, if I have to live in it, it might as well snow! I love snow days, making snow angels and snowmen and watching the kids play.


The point is this, how do you view your life? Do you find the negative or do you look for the positive? You may want to consider reading a previous post from Sept. 25 2007.


Look for the best in life, in people and especially yourself.


Susie Austin



 Positive Thinking The 5 to 1 rule• September 25, 2007





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