Think Outside The Bubble~~~Susie Austin


Great minds discuss ideas.


Average minds discuss events.


Small minds discuss people.”


            Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you think creatively or do you hang on to old ideas and are not willing to break out of your bubble you have been living in?


To think creatively it is necessary to develop new ideas and solutions to problems and situations. Thinking is analogies, imagine other perceptions and solutions, thinking in opposites and in reverse can be a few ideas in creative thinking.


Brainstorming is probably the most familiar way to generate ideas. Generate as many ideas as you can, remember with quantity comes quality. The more ideas you have the more choices you have. I like brainstorming in groups as well because ten heads are better than one and chances are there are many ideas you never even considered before.


It is important to write ideas down as they occur, this will translate them from a mental thought to a recorded reality. Writing ideas down will allow you to keep a record of them remember them and will allow you to focus on each one at a later time.


Elaborate on each idea review them write down ideas, expand and improve your list. Keep a notebook with you and when you get an idea write it down. This is also where you allow your subconscious to work. This is how to begin to program your subconscious mind to work, by programming new ideas into your mind. Memorize your ideas, recite them out loud, use post it notes and have them visible.  This should help your subconscious mind to work on focused ideas.


Creative thinking requires an effort, allow yourself to create new ideas and expand on them, allow yourself to dream and allow yourself to break out of the bubble your in to a happy and productive life with happiness and success.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on August 14, 2008.

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