Help Yourself~~Help Others~~~Susie Austin

God gave you two hands,

one for helping yourself,

and another to help others.






If you have been wondering why I have not posted in the last week I apologize, the back entries will be updated and new posts begin today.


Sometimes it is necessary to help yourself, and take care of your own health needs. I am pleased to say I have no major heart problems; however I learned a few valuable lessons this week. No we are not immortal, we can’t ignore warning signs, and your children will not leave you alone when you would like them to. 🙂 Stubbornness seems to be a character defect of mine. Why is it some of us have to almost be dragged to the Dr.?  I have some minor heart issues that could have turned out to be serious however they are not.



I had a touching compliment made to me yesterday. It was a random comment made by a co-worker. I had told her I had to have some tests done on my heart and they turned out to be fine and she said “Susie you have a good heart” and she said it with warmth and kindness. She had no idea how much it touched me.


It is important to help others however it also is important to help yourself. This can be in personal health, career, education, whatever your own needs are. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of this.


Life needs to be balanced, we need to take care of our needs and we need to take care of the needs of others. Love each other; teach each other, it is pretty simple however we sometimes make it complicated. BE nice, ACT nice, PLAY fair, BE kind, and use both hands God gave us for the greater good in ourselves and in helping others. Make it a day worth remembering.


God bless

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on August 23, 2008.

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