Reach For Your Goal~~~Susie Austin

“When life knocks you down


you have two choices-


 stay down or get up.”


Tom Krause



Today is a day to concentrate on what you would like to accomplish, what distracts you and the importance of focus. We live in a hurry up world and seem to have distractions surrounding us in almost every element of our lives.


Many times when difficulties occur and life knocks us down the hardest part is to get back up, to move forward without feeling resentment and bitterness. This lesson although it is a difficult one, teaches us courage, persistence and gives us wisdom. We all know there going to be times when life knocks us down, however this does not make it any easier when it happens. Your character will grow by the way you handle yourself today. Today will be a day of focus and moving forward. Concentrate on one task at a time.  Stay away from, negative people as they can be a distraction and will cloud your mind. Recognize what in your life is a distraction, and learn to focus on your goal.


Don’t spend time or energy thinking about yesterdays failures, learn from them and move on. Spend time and energy today for one thing, reaching your goal!


Let this energy help stimulate you towards moving forward to a life of happiness and accomplishment.  Today is a time to get up get motivated and move forward.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on August 25, 2008.

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