Rising When We Fall~~~Susie Austin
















Our greatest glory

is not in never falling

but in rising every time we fall.



Have you ever had the pleasure of watching toddlers learn how to walk? I refer to them as novice walkers, and love to see the amount of determination and concentration they have as they begin to learn to walk. Do you see the enthusiasm on their face as they accomplish their task? What you don’t see is them stopping, they may become discouraged and rest, however they will continue to try until they become good at walking and their parents wonder why they encouraged them in the first place. J


















Maybe today we can learn from a child’s point of view. Let’s take a look at our own life and our failures and successes. What have you learned about not giving up, did you rise up and become a better person or did you become more discouraged and quit? Chances are if you are reading this your still in the game and this a wonderful place to be. Today is a day to begin to look at the glory in rising from your failures to become better people and happier with your life.










We all have had failures and we all have fallen from time to time, however I am sure you can think of the many times you have risen and learned from the falls. Remember the glory, the great feeling, and the satisfaction you had from overcoming difficult times and growing into the person are today.


Today, reflect on those times, be proud of who you are, and dream of what you still would like to accomplish. It is all within your reach, just like the novice walker you rise every time you fall and you will soon accomplish what you set out to.


Susie Austin


















~ by coachsusie on August 26, 2008.

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