August 29 ~~No More Stress?~~~Susie Austin


Is everything as urgent

as your stress would imply? 


~Carrie Latet



How do you handle stress, do you let everything build up until you blow, or do you let everything stress you? A loaded question I know but a good one.


A very good thing to remember is this; life is going to happen, it will most likely be the same if you’re stressed or not. Time will not stand still and it does not fly as much as it seems to. It is hard to realize at times that we bring on our own stress. How we react to situations is in our own power.

If we procrastinate and wait until the last minute to reach deadlines we are much more inclined to be stressed. If you succumb to the everyday drama that surrounds us we are inclined to be stressed. If we are consistently late or fly in right on time by the seat of our pants we are more inclined to be stressed.


The idea here is to reduce stress by identifying the stressors in your life and eliminating them to the best of your ability.

I don’t recommend getting rid of your children however a break from them might be in order. J Plan your time to start a few minuets earlier in order to arrive to your destination on time and most importantly don’t sweat the small stuff.


A good thing to remember is this, if it is not life threatening don’t let it stress you to much.


Make today a stress free day and enjoy the journey.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on August 30, 2008.

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