Patience, slow down, and kindness~~Susie Austin

Have patience with all things,

but chiefly have patience with yourself.

Do not lose courage in

considering your own imperfections

but instantly set about remedying them

– every day begin the task anew.


Saint Francis de Sales

French saint & bishop of Geneva (1567 – 1622)















 In order to be kind we must take the time to be kind. Patience is a virtue yes however it is necessary to learn patience and the wisdom that comes with it. I have learned to not ask for patience as it undoubtedly is a prelude to having to learn a life lesson.


We live in a hurry up world under a lot of pressure. Children grow up to fast, cars are faster, speed limits are raised, we have immediate gratification in our wants, we like it we buy it, purchases are instantaneous. If we don’t get what we want we become aggressive, I believe we have lost the art of waiting and we need to become aware of the pace of our lives and be willing to slow down.


Patience is not as tedious as we may think. It is how we look at our time, how we use our time and how to not let time devour out life. Think about how difficult it is to be kind when we are in a hurry. Would you have dropped some change in the Salvation Army red bucket if you had more time? Would you have stopped to help someone in need if you were not late for an appointment? How many arguments have occurred while trying to get the family ready and to church services on time?  


In order to be kind we must make the time, we must teach by example, and be a good role model.  It is necessary to slow the pace in our lives for it to become more meaningful. Kindness has a slow pace impatience is in a fast track and it is many times difficult to deal with impatient and irritable people who are always in a hurry. Which are you?


Today is a day to think about slowing down a bit, what is stressing you and how you might be able to change it. How can you be more kind to those around you?


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on September 4, 2008.

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