September 21~~Selfless Acts~~Susie Austin

Do something for


Somebody  every day


 for which you don’t get paid.

– Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, musicologist, doctor

The art is Selfless Acts is a wonderful concept but do you consciously do this and on a daily basis? The theory is wonderful but how often and to what extent do we take this?

I love the Pay it Forward concept. This is based on a movie where a young boy did three significant things for someone and encouraged others to do the same. When the recipients asked why he was doing this, he replied “Pay it Forward”. He then encouraged the recipients to in turn do three things for someone else. If this happens people can make a difference in the world or just as importantly one person’s life.

My question is, how many times do we look for recognition for the things we do? Do we look for the pat on the back or the well done comment? My suggestion today is to make a conscious decision to silently do a selfless act and see how it feels. Recognition is fine I am not saying there should not be any; I am saying there is tremendous satisfaction in the art of selfless acts with out recognition. It teaches us to be humble and helps ground us to recognize what is really important in our life and the lives of others.

For today, do something nice for someone, maybe it is just a compliment instead of criticism. Find the good in someone instead of looking for fault. Find positive in a situation in stead of constantly looking for something wrong. Remember you just might be the best part of someone’s day and don’t even know it.

To love the unloved is a very difficult task. Who are the unloved? One Christmas my children decided to take some of the money we would have spent on gifts and do something nice. They decided on the homeless men at the Salvation Army as they don’t have many people doing things for them. They put together gift bags with gloves, Chap Stick, socks, candy, along with a nice little card. They delivered them during the holiday meal that was served one evening. The emotion was quite intense and needless to say I was very proud of them. They never told their friends and did not even realize the impact they were having and the wonderful thing they did. They learned compassion at a very early age. The tears in the men’s eyes showed everything! Someone actually cared about them.

It is hard to love the unloved but think about what is in your power to do today to make someone else smile or make their day a bit easier, or be a little happier in their life journey. Just as important? Do the same for those that you love, never take them for granted, use today as the gift that it is.



Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on September 22, 2008.

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