Hope For The Future~~~Susie Austin

October 2


The past gives us experience and memories;


the present gives us

challenges and opportunities;


 the future gives us visions and hope.


William Arthur Ward


Looking to the past what do you see? Do you remember lessons learned, the good and the bad? Have you moved from the past and joined the present? Sometimes it is the memories that keep us from moving forward. The pain of love lost, the fear of failure, or even the fear of success. These and many obstacles can stand in the way of living in the now. It is these past experiences and memories that define who we are. I suggest if you need to heal from past memories you take steps in that direction. Try not to let yesterday keep you from the happiness that can be yours today and create hope for the future. Everyone has wonderful memories and those are to be shared and cherished.



The present is for living, we should not watch life pass us by. Be open to challenges and opportunities as you are making memories every day! Face each day with enthusiasm for at the end of the day you will smile and feel satisfied at a job well done!



The future is yours for the taking! There is nothing that can stand in the way of your dreams and goals if you have them. My suggestion to you if you don’t is to begin today.

If you have hope and visions for the future celebrate this and move forward toward those goals. Create memories, face challenges and keep hope in your heart!



My very good friend and Coach Thom Quinn has a wonderful website I encourage you to visit. Everything you wanted to know about goals and productivity and more.






You may also go to http://thomquinn.com/ click on the qlog.



Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on October 2, 2008.

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