Happy Birthday Charlie Brown~~Susie Austin

October 6


Sometimes I lie awake at night,


 and I ask,


Where did I go wrong?

Then a voice says to me,


‘This is going to take more than one night‘.

Charlie Brown.


Charlie brown came into our lives on Oct. 2, 1950 when the first Peanuts comic strip was published. At that time it was called Good Old Charlie Brown.

He is considerate, friendly, and polite and we love him. His friends call him “wishy-washy,” but his spirit will never give up in his quest to triumph over adversity.

I have to smile when I think about what might have happened if Charlie Brown would have had a Life Coach! He would have been a changed man! I know this is fiction but the concept I am getting at. Charlie Brown has the most wonderful spirit and he never gives up!

I understand this is a comic strip but what if we were to take his spirit into our own life and apply it to our everyday living. Are you kind and gentle striving to never give up? Probably not all the time, but what if we decided to apply some of this spirit into our life along with the enthusiasm and passion that Charlie Brown did not have. I think as a society we give up to soon, but what if we have the fire within to accomplish great things.

Do you remember the old saying “If you love someone set them free? If it doesn’t come back to you it wasn’t meant to be?” I don’t like that saying; in fact I wrote something once that goes like this.

“They say that if you love someone you have to set them free and if it doesn’t come back to you it wasn’t meant to be? Well maybe that’s not so true anymore with no commitment there’s no reason to stay maybe to fast we close the door; we make it easy to walk away.”

I have done some of my best writing when going through difficult times. This just happened to be when I was going through a painful separation and eventual divorce. But that is another day. The point being, do we give up to easily in every area of our lives?

My challenge for you today is this, find the never give up spirit that Charlie Brown has had for the last 38 years and combine this with the passion, motivation and enthusiasm you have within you, and apply this in your life today.

When you go to bed this evening don’t say to yourself where did I go wrong, but what did I do right! Follow that up with “this is going to take more than one night!”


Susie Austin




~ by coachsusie on October 7, 2008.

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