Thanks and Gratitude~~~Susie Austin

November 19 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

As we express our gratitude,



we must never forget that the highest appreciation



 is not to utter words, but to live by them.


When I read this quote and took a bit of time reflecting on exactly what it meant, I had an ahhh moment. Do we live a life of gratitude?




Thanksgiving has evolved over the years to be more than a feast and a celebration. It is a day to show gratitude and appreciation for those in your life. My question is this, do we live by these words?




Are there people in your life you maybe take for granted? Do you say thank you out of habit? Do we actually live a life of gratitude? Do we teach others how to be thankful or what gratitude is? I have found over the years many have never been taught how to be grateful for the things in their lives. We can all be great teachers by living these few words, thank you and gratitude.




Today I would like for you, no matter where you are in your life journey to take a few minutes to think of the great teachers in your life. It may be a third grade teacher, a Sunday school teacher, a best friend’s mom, a parent, a friend. Reflect on why they had an impact on your life and if they are alive I suggest telling them thank you for being a positive influence for you.




When creating my own list I have found the more I write, the more people I think of. How wonderful, as it has flooded back many memories throughout my life of people and places I had forgotten about. I don’t have space for all I would like to say but I will give you one example.




I was a small child when I would visit my Grandma Mack. I don’t remember much about her since she passed away when I was young. She was a single mom in very difficult times as her husband died when my father and his twin sister were quite young. There were two other children as well. I can you tell from experience raising four children alone in these times is not exactly easy, but in those days of hardship it had to be a challenge. My memory of her is being a wonderful teacher to a special needs child named Bobby. He had Downs Syndrome and was at her house often. I remember her caring, loving him and teaching him. These memories have stayed in mind my entire life and had a special impact as it has helped mold me into the person I am today.


It may not seem important at the time but things you do now can impact others without your even knowing it!




I suggest you think of the people and children in your life and how you have made an impact. Do you have teachable moments where you can make a difference in the life of a child or an adult? I believe we all do if we live a life of gratefulness and thankfulness. I encourage everyone to make their list of people you have gratitude for in your life. I have a little different perspective as I start my day because I have remembered some wonderful memories and am amazed at how many people have made an impact in my life. What a wonderful way to start my day !




Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “Thanks and Gratitude~~~Susie Austin”

  1. Susie gratefulness sure gives us a better prospective and it also gives us hope and a glow in our lives.

    Let us in our own ways do what we can to make ourselves and if possible others aware and mindful of keeping gratitude foremost in our minds.

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