Happy Birthday Mom~~~~~~Susie

November 29

Children and mothers never


 truly part –


Bound in the beating of


each other’s heart.
                                               – Charlotte Gray  

There is much to be said about mothers and the love between a mother and child. I reflect on my own life and stages.  I grew up in small town Wisconsin, and I thought it was the dullest place on earth. We played night games with no fear of getting shot, there was one police officer and he knew all our parents. My mom let us stay within calling distance and we knew to be home by dark. The neighbors let us make pine needle and leave houses in the fall and did not have a fence around their house.

 I remember thinking my mother was quite unfair and did understand me at all maybe because she actually said no to me occasionally. I also was grounded from time to time and she never gave and let me off the hook as many parents do. She never missed one concert to hear me sing, still corrects my grammar, and gave me a strong spiritual base foundation to help me grow in my faith and love for God. Today I honor my mother as it is her birthday and I am very proud of the woman, mentor and mother she is and has been. She has raised eight children of her own and a few that were not her own as well.  Her oldest of eight is 61 and her youngest is 49, I think we have been truly blest as we are all still reasonably healthy, we all have pretty good careers, none of us are in jail and we all believe in a God who loves us. She is 79 years young today and still volunteers for a number of organizations including a reading program through the public library and various church activities. She has been married to my dad for sixty one years and has shown us, although times can get rough, with love and commitment marriages do work.  My mother never gave up on me years ago when I had given up on myself and reached the darkest time on my life. She had sent me a letter and asked me to read the prodigal son parable. I remember being very upset with her and continued my isolation from my family and sunk even deeper in the depths of addiction. The love of my family brought me 2000 miles home and got me the help I needed to overcome tremendous odds. It was then I wrote my mother back and thanked her for the prodigal son had returned home. Being a parent myself I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for her to see me suffer so, but also the pride in what I have done with my life since that time. The unconditional love and the bond between a mother and a child are difficult for me to define and give it justice, and I am rarely at a loss for words.

I would like to thank my mother for all she has done for me and everyone whose lives she continually touches. A truly amazing woman who I admire and love,

Happy Birthday Mom!


Leabel Mack, November, 29

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on December 1, 2008.

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