Are You Procrastinatating?~~~Susie Austin

Douglas Adams:

I love deadlines. Especially the whooshing sound they make as they pass by.

This is dedicated to all the procrastinators including myself who are waiting for just the right moment to do their Christmas shopping, Send their cards, bake cookies or what ever is on the never ending list of things to accomplish by Christmas.

For some this can become overwhelming but I have a theory that is quite simple. One way or another it is going to happen the deadline or the day will arrive. How you will be when it happens is totally up to you. You can be stressed or not. It won’t make the day be here any quicker or time will not wait.

We still have a significant amount of time to peacefully and successfully have a stress free holiday season and accomplish the tasks that are needed. I again can’t stress enough the importance of lists. I never used to never admit this but In order for me to accomplish the things needed daily and not get overwhelmed I use a list.  I actually check it twice and am pretty sure I am on the nice list, are you?

I would like you to consider not letting the stress that goes along with the season effect you. It is a decision I have made and going to try to not be stressed by the season that is supposed to bring happiness and joy.

Watch the small children in your life and try to capture some of the magic they seem to radiate during this time of year. Look at the excitement in their eyes and listen to their voices and remember when you felt that way.

May you have a peaceful and happy day and if you have been procrastinating don’t feel bad because most of us have. Start today and begin checking a few things off your list. Smile and enjoy the season because soon it will have whooshed by and we will be saying “where did it go?”

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “Are You Procrastinatating?~~~Susie Austin”

  1. Hi Susie…. came accross your post in “positive thinking” search.

    For me, and I only say this based on my experience of how my life has unfolded, for me, lists were a source of anxiety. At least the way I used to make them. I used to make these impossibly long lists (expectations) then beat the crap out of myself for not having accomplished everything on them.

    Today, I still use lists, but in making them I ask myself, “If I were to do only one thing, and then discovered the day came to an unexpected end, and found myself going to bed saying, “Even though the day ended unexpectedly, I am sure glad I accomplished at least _____________”. (Whatever __________ is).

    I then put ___________ on my list. Sometimes my list will contain two, or maybe three ___________s. But that is it.

    When I accomplish the few things on my list, I ask the question again, and then tackle the next thing(s) in the same way. I find that this way, I remain energized and positive because I am accomplishing my entire list frequently throughout the day.

    My subconscious does not allow me to just sluff after I accomplish one or two things when it knows I can re-ask the question and add more. On the contrary, I remain inspired and energized for the number of things being added to the list and then being checked off.

    This way, the list contains more accomplished tasks than the ominous unaccomplished tasks which for me have been the source of much anxiety. For me, it is a way to get more things done by being able to stay in the game and not be sidelined or overwhelmed.

    My take for what its worth.

    Ciao. Chaz

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