Slow Down You Move To Fast~~~~Susie Austin

January 26

Slow down you move to fast

you got to make the morning last

kicking up the cobble stones

looking for fun and feeling groovy

Mommas and the Pappas

We live in a fast paced society with little time to waste. We all have schedules, and obligations and commitments. It seems as technology progresses we become prone to progress in fast pace and stressful lives. We hurry up and wait to get there, drive to fast only to wait at the stoplight. Some talk on their cell phones, put makeup on and eat their breakfast all while driving to work!

I think of a simpler day when life was at a slower pace and it was not that long ago. I had a discussion with a friend recently in a busy airport as we were watching people which, by the way is very interesting if you have never done this I suggest trying it sometime. She and I had great fun observing all the activity around as everyone seemed very much in a hurry to wait. From the anxious parents with two year old having a temper tantrum, to the lady with the dogs, one in her purse and one in her pull along.

I wondered how it would have being an earlier settler in this country and traveling to a new land by horse and wagon with no Internet, iPod, or hot showers.

After thinking about this I can’t help but wonder how exciting it must have been for them venturing off into the unknown with hopes of a better future. I am sure there was a tremendous fear of the unknown but the excitement of a new and better life was their driving force.

They faced many difficult times and I can not imagine some of the hardships our forefathers endured, but they never gave up their dream. I believe this is just as true today for us but a different world. Along with modernization came social issues, drugs, greed and many more people, but with this came the “helpers”. These are the amazing people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

Do you have a dream?

I encourage you today to get outside and look around and stretch your eyes. We live in amazing world where we have the abilities and resources to accomplish and see awesome things.

Enjoy, relax, slow down, put the cruse on to able to even view the ride. If we speed though this life to fast we just might miss the best things meant for us. The key here is today is to slow down, look around and enjoy the day.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on January 26, 2009.

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