The Beauty is… It’s Never To Late To Follow Your Dreams



 “Would those of you who say it can’t be done,

stop bothering those of us who are doing it.”



I remember a time long ago when I wondered how people followed their dreams and what it took to be one of THOSE people. I felt success would not happen in my live. I meant the success of what it was I was passionate about. I was always the best in any job or career choice I have make whether it was sales, management or even owning my own business. I still felt like a failure as my dreams and visions never materialized mostly for the lack of confidence on my part. I was in the tunnel of  life and like most people I settled. I thought I was content where I was.

It took a life changing blow for me to really make dramatic changes in my life. I don’t suggest anyone take my path as it almost took my life. It took a bad marriage, bad circumstances , and bad choices including the dark depth of addiction. I had to be humbled and lose all to realize my path in life.

What is it you might be asking?

I am still working on it, but for now I have found I am very passionate about many things most importantly helping others through life lessons. Trying to motivate others to follow their dreams and realizing it is never too late! I have found more satisfaction and personal growth in touching the lives of others.

I am reminded that success comes in many different ways. However how small or large, however insignificant it may seem, you must recognize and celebrate success. The need to reach out and touch others is to me extremely important as it helps us grow and may just be the one life changing moment in another person’s life. You may never even know the difference you have made in someone’s life, but if you live your life in this manner you will have a positive impact on many and not even know it.

For today reach out to others, find the good within yourself and the self satisfaction that comes with living the day with the passion it was meant to be. Smile often and look in the mirror at the wonderful person you are!

Let no one stand in the way of your dreams and when someone tells you, you can’t just answer, “watch me” with a smile!

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on September 28, 2010.

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