Teachable Moments~~~~

Making the decision to have a child

– it’s momentous. It is to decide

forever to have your heart go walking

outside your body.

 Elizabeth Stone


If you are a parent I am sure you can feel these words in your soul. I am astounded on a daily basis how powerful a role this is! As a parent I make many mistakes but it is difficult when they are made in front of my children. I have also found it a very teachable moment on humility. When you are wrong admit it, learn from it, and use the opportunity to teach.

I remember telling my mother a number of years ago; I had put her on a pedestal all my life. I now have taken her off because I found she too could make mistakes. She responded by telling me “Good that is a very difficult place to be”. My children have never considered this for me as I have given them some excellent lessons on what not to do with your life. This statement is said with a smile, but I have and still do teach them from mistakes as well as successes. I call these teachable moments, if you use this term with children they will come to recognize it as it is. “Children this is a teachable moment, let me explain”

I will never claim to be an expert on children; the love for a child is something I can’t even begin to explain. The emotion and natural defense to protect them is instinct and is very difficult to let go when the time and need arises.

Here is a wonderful example of a typical emotional evening of a parent with four children.

I was thrilled when my collage age daughter surprised me by coming home for the first time awhile. No gift could have been better as I missed her so. I was crushed when my high school daughter fell apart at a sporting event. I was angry when approached by a parent and we argued, which we used as a teachable moment with our daughters later in the evening. I was worried as my son had been injured in football and is on crutches and I was impatient when my eight year old was whining she wanted to go home because she was board at the sporting event.

The best solution I have found is to calm down let the dust settle and triage the situation. 

In the end all is well, solutions to the problems have been formed, and we can celebrate our family being together!

Your heart will always be out there when you have children so I suggest you better get used to it. If you are a parent, celebrate, love and live. Every stage of their lives is new and exciting as yours should be. Embrace life and your children, hold them and tell them how much you love them on a daily basis!  

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on October 13, 2010.

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