What Does Your Pond Look Like?~~~~~Susie Austin

 So Many Currents in Such a Little Pond. Unknown

 So many currents in such a little pond, think about those words for a few minutes.

I have used this phrase for many years. I am not sure who said it; I only know it is a line I heard someone say in a movie years ago. For some reason it has stayed with me.

Think of everyone whose life surrounds you, and all the things going on in their lives. It can be a bit overwhelming when looking at the whole picture can’t it. I find when I really open my eyes and see others and what is happening in their lives it gives me a different perspective in my own life.

We all have struggles as well as successes but do we notice this in the people’s lives that are surrounding us? Usually when catastrophic events occur we hear about them but what about the rest? My suggestion is to maybe step outside of ourselves today to notice what is going on in the world around us. Is there some small thing you can do today to change someone else’s day for the better? Have you ever left a card or even a little note in your child or spouse’s backpack or pocket? How about sending a card to someone? In these days of cell phones and email it is still nice to get a card in the mail especially if the recipient may be sad. lonely or alone.

Kindness is the key to many things, but for me it helps remind myself of the person I want to be when I am grown up. Hopefully I will never fully grow up as then I may get old or even worse think I have the answers to all life’s questions.

There will always be many currents in all our lives but I have learned to recognize this and with a smile be able to maybe offer assistance in some way. I invite you to use this phrase as it has worked well for me for many years. It can put things in perspective quite well and gives a wonderful visual in your mind when needed.

I encourage for you today to notice what your pond looks like, how many currents are swirling and how you might be able hop off your lily pad and help make someone’s pond a bit more pleasant.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on November 8, 2010.

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