Passion and purpose

When we make a decision that we feel good about, we receive it as energy that propels us along a particular path… Our passion is the energy through which we serve our purpose. When we serve our purpose, we feel our passion. By following our passion, we will tap into the energy God gives us to serve our purpose. –Betty J Eadie -The Awakening Heart


Today would be a wonderful day to examine what it is you’re passionate about. When was the last time you have even thought about it? Do you remember the last time you felt the energy inside when fighting for a cause, in a constructive argument, been involved in a cause to effect change or decided you wanted a career change because you were not fulfilled?

I think many of us get used to the norm of everyday and have a tendency to let our passions go or at least forget about them for awhile. For many a little bit dies when passion is forgotten. The question I hear then is, what happened? Could it be you have lost your passion for life and the energy for purpose?

There are a few things I suggest to help get back on track. It is important to take some time and write down what you’re actually passionate about and have been in the past. Remember how much energy that was inside when you were serving that purpose. Listen to your spirit, feel good about decisions; your spirit will receive the energy again.

It might be a good time to think about our purpose. Do you feel you have a purpose? Personally I feel I have many, I do recognize them as well. One example that stands out in my mind very strong today is my mother.

She raised eight children, and is reasonably sane which still amazes me today. Of course I am kidding. I watched my mother care for her own mother when she was sick. She nurtured and loved her with a passion I can’t really explain. She again years later did the same for her aunt whom she brought home across the country to care for. The unconditional love she showed for these two incredible women have a special place in my heart. She had passion and purpose, I am sure was to be an example to others like me as well. To be a great woman there is no need for fame or fortune. God truly blessed me when he entrusted me in my mother’s care!

I only know this; I want to lead a life of passion and purpose and to do this I need to be aware of life and all I am passionate about. Today I suggest finding your passion and purpose!

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on October 22, 2014.

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