Susie Austin who am I

Greetings! My name is Susie Austin and I am delighted to be here. I believe there is a positive side in most every situation. My mission is “To help others through lessons learned and positive motivation to become happy, healthy and to enjoy life. I am a Life Coach, motivational speaker, employment specialist, single mom, (yes I do have a mini van) I serve on community service committees and much more. I love to write, sing, walk and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. I enjoy my life and hopefully something you find here will be helpful and insightful to you.

Coaches are Thinking Partners. They ask the tough

questions that promote both critical and creativity



9 Responses to “Susie Austin who am I”

  1. Hi, Sis,
    Remember, “Life is a banquet ad most poor suckers are staving to death”( auntie Mame) my favorite saying–
    Also, what has helped me is “Begin Again”– I keep trying and my liscense plate was BGNAGN.
    Love you,Izz

  2. I really enjoyed your site…..Great job!!!!!

  3. Hi Susie,
    I love the new site, I can see where you will make the difference and reach out to all. God Bless you.
    We are not human beings on a spiritual journey; We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”Stephen Covey” American leadership expert (1932)

  4. Hi Susie-
    WOW have you come a long way since I first met you (when you got her from AZ)! I am really proud of who you are/are becoming, what you have accomplished and that you are so dedicated to working with others. I also think you have done a phenominal job with the kids and you should be very proud since many people can’t accomplish all you have even with the help of a partner to share the burdens and responsiblities (even the joyful ones such as participating in sports, etc.) I often use you as an example for people who tell me “I can’t” do something that is difficult. Needless to say, they are more motivated after hearing your story. Attitude is everything! 🙂

  5. Hi Susie,

    I like the site. You are truely a wonderful person. Nice job.

  6. Dad will be pleased to have had you mention his mother. Good one today. Love!

  7. Hi, Susie,
    I checked out your site as you recommended when we spoke today & I am impressed!!! I especially like that you used Leo Busgalia, one of my favorite motivators. I’ve recently reconnected with his writings. I, too, would watch him on PBS, also my psych prof. showed films of him in the 80’s & he awed me. See you in person next week—-Penny

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  9. Hi, nice to meet you !

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