Move Forward and Be Happy and Live

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The past gives us experience and memories; the present gives us challenges and opportunities; the future gives us visions and hope.

William Arthur Ward

Looking to the past what is it you see? Do you remember lessons learned, the good and the bad? Have you moved from the past and joined the present? Sometimes it is the memories that keep us from moving forward. The pain of love lost, the fear of failure or even the fear of success. These and many obstacles can stand in the way of living in the now. It is these past experiences and memories that define who we are. I suggest if you need to heal from past memories you take steps in that direction. Try not to let yesterday keep you from the happiness that can be yours today and create hope for the future. Everyone has wonderful memories and those are to be shared and cherished.

Yesterday is History, tomorrows a mystery and the present is a gift, use it wisely.

The present is for living, we should not watch life pass us by. Be open to challenges and opportunities because you are making memories every day! Face each day with enthusiasm for at the end of the day you will smile and feel satisfied at a job well done!

The future is yours for the taking! There is nothing that can stand in the way of your dreams and goals, however you to start to dream again. My suggestion to you if you haven’t thought life as you would like it…. begin today.

Now you have hope and visions for the future, and move forward toward those goals. Create memories, face challenges and keep hope in your heart!

Don’t forget to thank God today for all the blessings we have

Susie Austin


Progress Always Involves Risk

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I am amazed at how parallel things were 7 years ago when I originally wrote this. Once again the Brewers were in first place and did not make it into the playoffs. As to taking risks and moving forward it is just as important today as in 2007 however I have been working with a leadership development company that allows me to dream and take steps forward. I just need to take my foot off the bag and so should you.

Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. –Fredrick B. Wilcox

This seemed like a fitting quote as the Brewers finished their first winning season in many years. It has taken them literally years to get where they are, and after almost the entire baseball season in first place did not make the playoffs. The talk is not how badly they did in the end, but the progress that was made in the last year. This is a wonderful example of positive endings for the season.

Progress is the key to realizing dreams and beginning goals. Progress involves risk. Can you remember a time where maybe you risked it all and it failed? Did you feel satisfied for at least trying? It is better to take that risk over and over again and fail than to keep saying what if? What about a time when you took that risk and were successful!

I take a risk every day when I sit at my computer and write. I am dyslexic and I have a difficult time with spelling and editing. I take the risk of making a mistake and having it posted on the internet. I feel I have a message to get out and will take that risk as long as someone hears the messages. At this time I am working on more efficient ways of editing. Trust me when I say spell check does not always work, I say this with a huge smile on my face.

What risk are you willing to take today? How about daring to dream, or making a significant change you having been thinking about? How about starting a goal sheet?

In order to effect change you need to take a step in the right direction, get your foot off the bag, get into the game. Today make a conscious decision to make a change for one new positive thing this week. Remember to live well and to love those around you.

I am reminded of a wonderful quote:

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring. All of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Leo Buscaglia

Have a blessed day!

Susie Austin

Life lessons on Love

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Love begins when the needs of someone else become more important than your own. – Lao Wei, from the book “Strawberry Wisdom”

I would like share a lesson on love and being a mom.

For weeks I have been planning a trip to my hometown for a class reunion. It just happened to be the same night as my children’s homecoming at their high school. Plans were made, as a single parent I needed to make sure they were safe and accounted for. The day before I was to leave, my intuition told me there was something wrong. I did not know for sure what that meant but I listened to it. I thought maybe I shouldn’t drive, and then decided I may never know. To not make this a small novel and to spare you the drama of it all, my daughters date disappeared. He did not answer or return the phone calls. She was quite distressed and I knew exactly at that moment what I had to do as a mom and why I was not supposed to go the reunion.

The flower store just happened to have an extra corsage with the perfect colors for her dress. She was beautiful and stunning in her dress even though she was struggling inside. When I left the picture taking session at her friend’s house I left a card for her on the seat of her car. I am sure she would have survived without me just fine but I was grateful I was able to be there for her. As a parent we feel our children’s pain, we can’t take it away for them as we shouldn’t. These are hard lessons for children to learn as well. Hopefully what she learned is how a parent should react in these situations. As parents we need to constantly be teaching our children compassion and love.

The moral of the story is this, trust your instincts and believe in yourself. The second thing is consider the needs of others before your own. Ten years from now she won’t remember the sadness of being stood up. What she will remember is how much her mom loved her, and what to do if this should ever happen to her child.

I hope that sharing this with you will help understand another life lesson on love.

It is now seven years later and when asked she barely remembered the event. She did remember the card and the support. More importantly she is now a mom and these lessons will someday be very helpful to her. I am very blessed to be reminded myself of the lessons I learned and was able to teach. Reading this and reposting daily readings is humbling. To see the difference I may have had in someone’s life just by writing things down. The inspiration is totally God given and I am grateful that he has used me by putting words in my mind that may help even just one person. Using my experience good and bad to possibly be a light to help guide someone who is in need or may just need encouragement is a blessing for me.

Susie Austin

Stretch Your Eyes

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Can you stand atop of a mountain and stretch your eyes as far as you can…Can you feel the presence and closeness of God, and consider yourself a lucky man….Susie Austin

I will never forget the powerful image that inspired these words. I was living in Arizona and went on my first hike.   My future husband was taking my brother and me to visit a secluded favorite spot of his. We were from Wisconsin, and our hikes would have consisted of walking down the railroad tracks through the beautiful woods and relaxing along the shore of a lazy creek. Armed with a cooler of screwdrivers and a boom box, we set out; little did we know we would be scaling a mountain that day! After the shock and searing pain stopped and my body began to recover, I had the privilege to witness a breathtaking site. “Can you stand atop of a mountain and stretch your eyes as far as you can…Can you feel the presence and closeness of God, and consider yourself a lucky man…”

At this point I can use many analogies such as the calm before the storm, sunshine after the rain, you get the point. The reality is we need to look for the sunshine through the rain as the rain can also be beautiful. Nothing lasts forever. If there is sadness or pain in your life take comfort, there is sunshine through the rain. Recognize this for it will give you the hope you need to be a little happier today!  If your life is right where you want it to be, share your happiness with those around you. It will give hope to those who are struggling.

Life lessons are learned by living them, not by standing on the sidelines watching.  Get in the game!  May I suggest on this beautiful autumn Saturday, that you get out and stretch your eyes and enjoy. Don’t forget to tell those you care about you love them. Celebrate the fact you are able to see the beauty that has been given us to enjoy!

God Bless

Susie Austin

On Dreams and Goals

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Seeing yourself as you want to be is the key to personal growth.


When you look at yourself what do you see? Do you see the person that you want to be? Are you happy with the person that is in the mirror? Are you satisfied with who you are and where you are at this stage in your life? If the answer is yes, congratulations! I can say I know very few people who can say this. If the answer in no let’s take a look at what it might take to start moving in the right direction.

One of the most important things any person can do to accomplish great things or anything for that matter is goals. After learning that only approximately 3% of people actually write out goals and 90% accomplish those goals, I was pretty shocked. I wondered why more people don’t and realized it is just a way of life or a habit. I am very grateful that my good friend took me to a coffee shop one day and forced me to write out my goals, after my procrastinating for way to long. I have to laugh because after I did this the first time I was amazed at how I made changes to be more productive and somewhat organized. As a side note, I doubt that I will ever be totally organized but I claim to have made tremendous progress. I do celebrate this as a success!

Start with something very simple, maybe what you would like to accomplish in a day, a week, a month and a year. I encourage people who are just starting out to find or create a very simple goal sheet. Write one attainable goal on the top of the sheet, you can accomplish in one week then sign and date it. This makes you accountable for it, and more likely to achieve it.

I have used this practice in groups and found it very successful! Every week 90 to 100% of the participants accomplish the goal that was signed on the goal sheet. Remember not to make this to lofty of a goal as you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. It amazes me at well how this process works. Seeing results gives you motivation to visit them often and realize your dreams are within your reach. Start dreaming again and realize you can see yourself as whatever you want to be!

Have a blessed day and don’t forget to pray!

Susie Austin

Positive Thinking The 5 to 1 rule

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“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” – Herm Albright

This post was written in 2007 and still holds true today. I would like to give you an update on my negative daughter. She now is 24 has given me two beautiful grandchildren has a husband who is a good man and they love God. She has a kind loving heart and spirit and is loved by many. She is a happy person and I have to tell you how proud of her I am. That year after having surgery on my cervical spine she would take me for short walks and we would have discussions on being positive, each day we would go a bit further on our walks and our talks would continue. I treasure those moments and hoped they would made a difference. Today if you would ask her what the five to one rule is she would tell you. I am sure it did make a difference; now I have one more teenager at home to practice on!  🙂

Do positive people occasionally annoy you? Do you ever wish you were one of those people? When asking my seventeen year old daughter if the eternal happy bubbly positive people bother her she answered only when I am in a pessimistic mood.  This in my opinion is a wonderful answer as she has grown from being a pessimistic person to a more positive and happier young adult. I have to admit I have experimented and tried a few of my theories with my children particularly my daughter with her negative thinking.

I knew it was working when one evening she was having a discussion with a friend at the kitchen table and was repeating an exercise I gave her on positive thinking. After I picked myself off the floor I congratulated her on her progress. She was pleased with the changes made as a result of what I call it the five to one rule.

The five to one rule consists of training your mind for every five negative thoughts come up with one positive. Now that doesn’t mean you have to count them each time. It does mean you are becoming aware of your thinking patterns. This makes you concentrate on finding positive things and you hopefully begin the way to more positive thoughts. You will begin to think “I have had more than five, start to find something good.” I know for a fact this works as I have used it in groups as well.

For today I challenge you to become one of those eternally happy people. Make a conscious decision just for today to smile at everyone. People will wonder what got into you but it is also contagious. Recognize the reaction of those around you. If you are the positive person celebrate this and pass this site along to someone who can benefit from it or just lead by example and explain the five to one rule.

Have a blessed day!

Susie Austin

Grow From Your Mistakes

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You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there. – Robert Allen

Pick yourself up brush yourself off, learn from your mistakes and move on to better days. I can come up with many little phrases to this concept but let’s take a good look within ourselves and find its meaning in our life.

Have you made any mistakes or bad decisions recently? Sometimes we let our emotions and imagination get in the way of common sense and reality and make some sizable mistakes.

How do you handle this? The best way to in my opinion is to first realize the mistake, apologize to whomever you need to and stop beating yourself up for it, as you cannot change time. This also applies to difficult situations in life such as finances, loss of job, things you consider a failure. Now you can choose to stay in the water and drown or you can choose to climb out of the hole and hopefully there is a friend there with hand reached out to help you. The first step though has to be taken by you. When someone reaches a helping hand you must be the one to reach out and grab it. Don’t let pride get in the way. Many times in our life we make mistakes and sometimes it’s difficult to pick up the pieces and understand the purpose. It’s how you grow and learn from these mistakes that make you the person you are today. This is a lesson in living and growing and developing character,

I have learned that each situation is different and each person different. A good example is trust, has a person or persons in your past ever been not trustful? Do you carry this to present relationships? I was reminded of this very recently and thought this a very worthy topic to address.

How do you regain trust is a very difficult task. I believe by self examination and trusting in your instincts is partially the answer, but by dealing with your trust issues and not carrying anything to new relationships is the best way. Much easier said than done is a bit of an understatement in my opinion, but again we strive for progress. No one is perfect, we are human and we make mistakes. It is how we handle them and grow from them that helps heal. It is a very humbling experience to recognize your mistakes. The key is to not drown in self pity and depression, but say “a lesson well learned whew I am glad that’s over!”

If your drowning today, pick yourself up grab the nearest helping hand and be grateful you have a new day!

May God’s blessings be with you today!

Susie Austin